Commonly referred to as “getting these computers to talk to each other” is by no means new technology. This has existed for several decades and the overall goal has remained the same, to share data and resources across multiple computers. It is the requirements that evolve which changes the steps needed to be taken when building and maintaining a network.

One of the most common concerns, and most significant of recent evolutions, is security. With the daily threat of unauthorized access from the internet in addition to malicious viruses it is no wonder why companies go to great lengths of user authentication and the deployment of network monitoring utilities to ensure their data is safe.

1201 Technologies is well acquainted with the tools needed to build and maintain a sound network. If your network would consist of three computers or two hundred they are equally important. Through analyzing the hardware and software available, understanding your business goals, and researching the best combination of them we will to provide the best network for your business.