In addition to building websites we also provide a location for them to be hosted. We offer an affordable hosting service that is stable and fast with a wide variety of options to accommodate any need your business may have now or expect to need.

Our servers are not located in a local office where it is subject to power outages, connection loss to the internet, fire, or theft but in a world class datacenter. One of our goals is to provide unparallel stability and support, after all, if your website goes down and can’t be accessed by a customer that is lost profit and credibility. Our datacenter facility is fully meshed and redundant with ten backbone providers, uses Simplex security badge entry/exit on all doors, closed-circuit surveillance, is monitored with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), and in case of power loss 3 500KVA PowerWare UPS units and a 1.5-megawatt diesel generator. The computers your site would be hosted on are safe, but you will also need scalable software.

We are able to provide as much disk space and bandwidth as your business needs in addition to an online control panel where you can review current configurations, manage email addresses (including spam and antivirus), databases, and site activity. Nightly backups are also made to ensure nothing happens to your data. If you have a question or problem at any time, day or night, we have a support staff standing by to answer them.